Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale

Published: 29th December 2009
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Many folks like to keep assorted types of lizards as pets. One that's chosen by many folks is the bearded dragon. There are a variety range| number} of different places where you can get baby bearded dragons for sale online. However , it's critical that you know the proper way to take care of them before you buy them. Without correct care they may not live for long. Baby Bearded Dragons For Sale

Bear in mind that when you purchase baby bearded dragons for sale online you will need to have an appropriate place to keep them when they arrive. Many folks use glass tanks, but these also must have a UV source and a heat source. The UV source helps them to make vitamin D on their own, and the heat keeps the temperature like that of their environment in the desert. Most prefer a heat lamp over a heating pad since the lizards like to bask in the sun.

For babies, you won't want to put any sort of sand or rocks in the base of the tank. Once they get to be older, sand is one of the better options since rocks might make it tougher for them to find their food, and in their natural habitat they live in areas with sand.

When you get baby bearded dragons for sale online you also have to ensure that you have the correct food available for them. They have to eat a mixture of vegetables and crickets. However , everything wants to be particularly small for the babies. You should ensure that pieces are the size of the space between their eyes. Green leafy vegetables ( except spinach ) are particularly good since they are nutrient rich. These lizards should eat about thirty to fifty percent vegetables. Crickets should be purchased live from the pet store ( those caught in your yard might be poisoned with pesticides ) and then gut loaded. Bearded Dragons For Sale

This means they should be fed a nutrient rich diet for a day or so. This way they will be more healthy for your baby whiskered dragon. You could also need to give them vitamin and mineral supplements, but use caution not to go too far.

Besides shelter and food, the baby bearded dragons for sale online will also need water. They tend to like water that is misted into their cages so they can catch the drips. When they get older they can drink from a shallow dish, but they won't do this when they're extraordinarily young. Try misting water two or three times a day, ensuring not to make the inside of their cage too damp because you don't want mold to form.

You can find baby bearded dragons for sale online through pet store sites, as well as breeder sites. It is best to get those that are at least eight weeks old or 5 inches long since these need less care than younger babies.

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